• A Level & GCSE

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    A Level & GCSE courses online, new & updated to meet the new specification. Mapped to AQA & Edexcel syllabus. Enrol online!
  • Beauty & Holistics

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    Beauty & Holistic Therapy courses. Massage, Beauty, Hairdressing, Nails and lots more. Enrol online today!Beauty, Holistic and Nail Technician Courses. A whole range of online nail courses is now available for study from UK Open College. Whether you wish to study gel nails, acrylic nails or have a go at nail art, as well as massages and hairdressing, we have an online course to suit. All practical courses come complete with learning materials, video demonstration tutorials and unlimited tutor support. We even offer a 14-day money back guarantee if for any reason the course is not suitable.All of our online courses can be enrolled at any time of the year to suit individual circumstances. Study at any time and complete to suit over a one year period. Learn both the theory and practical side of becoming a qualified therapist. Once complete we can provide you with your diploma so you are able to gain liability insurance.
  • Animal Courses

    Animal Courses (16)

    Animal Care Courses. Study an animal course online. 16 courses to select from. All endorsed & approved.Animal Courses, Looking to study an animal course online, then our exciting range of animal courses could be just what you are looking for. Students have the option of choosing from a variety of areas relating to animal care including Dog Grooming, and Exotic animalsThe interest in the animal sector is increasing rapidly. Students agree that the approach and ability to be able to study an animal course online provides a fantastic opportunity to those who work long hours or those having to juggle family commitments to gain knowledge and a qualification in a subject that appeals to them personally. Even if you want to study your animal care course just as a general interest then UK Open College provides an affordable and flexible way of doing so.All of our distance learning courses can be enrolled at any time of the year and completed at a pace that suits you personally. There are no classes or lectures to attend, no travelling costs involved and no deadlines to meet. Home learning offers the perfect solution to those students looking to adapt studies around their busy work and family commitments.Most of our animal courses can be studied on either paper or via an online learning portal which means you can literally access your course anywhere in the world from any PC. We believe this method of learning offers a way of gaining those much-needed qualifications to even the busiest of students and more importantly to be able to study at an affordable cost.
  • Business Studies

    Business Studies (12)

    Business courses online. Fully accredited, recognised qualifications. Enrol online today!Online business courses with the UK Open College. We have a huge variety of business studies which should appeal to anyone considering broadening their knowledge and achieving a recognised qualification. Our range of business studies includes finance, administration, management through to human resources. Each business course is available at a choice of study levels to suit each student and their requirements. These levels range from the business courses which award certificates to those which reward successful students with a diploma. The first thing is to start with a course which appears manageable and not overwhelming.Every course can be started at a time convenient to the student. All learning is undertaken at home with coursework which is provided in an online format for some courses and in paper format for others. Whether undertaking a business administration course to remind and renew skills for a busy mum wanting to get back into the workplace or whether further education and formal qualifications in marketing are required, we are here to assist you.Once the choice of business course has been made, the payment needs to be arranged and then your course will be delivered within seven days. One of the many advantages of undertaking a business course from the UK Open College means that whatever the course it can be started at any time during the year and the work and study required can be fitted around existing commitments. There is full support from our tutors and advisors who are available to assist with any question or query at all times through the course. The main thing is for the student, once the course has been started, to continue through to completion. For peace of mind, there is a full 14-day money back guarantee.
  • Childcare

    Childcare (55)

    Online childcare courses. View our range of fully recognised courses. Accredited by CACHE and Training Qualifications UK (TQUK).Childcare courses, Accredited Childcare qualifications. We are extremely proud of the wide selection of childcare courses that are available for students wishing to learn from home and gain a recognised childcare qualification. Whether you are a complete beginner or wanting to increase and improve on knowledge already gained, we have a childcare course which will be appropriate to your requirements. By studying from home the work will be able to be adapted around family or other commitments. Another great advantage is that whichever course is chosen can be started during any month in the year, rather than the usual start in September if the course is being taken at college.There isn't the need to attend lectures or tutorials and the student can work at their own speed, knowing that there is full support available from the advisors at UK Open College. Full course material is provided for every childcare course and there is no requirement to have any knowledge before commencing the work. Once the decision has been made to start a childcare course the first thing is to enrol and pay the course fee. All coursework will then be delivered within seven days.
  • Counselling Courses

    Counselling Courses (16)

    Online Counselling Courses. Enrol online and be up and running on your selected course within a matter of days. Fully accredited learning! Enrol online Today!Online Counselling Courses, Choose from a variety of different home study counselling courses including our Counselling level 2 course which covers all the basic requirements of becoming a qualified counsellor. Students may want to consider our level 4 course in Counselling & Psychotherapy for a greater more in-depth challenge. If you are looking at a specific area of then we have a fantastic range of counselling courses on offer.Students can complete at their own pace to a maximum of one year for completion. Choose the course to suit your personal requirements and you can enrol, register and make payment online. Alternatively, you can call our office where one of our support team will be more than happy to take your details.
  • Crime & Forensics

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    Online Criminology & Forensics Courses. Fully accredited courses and qualifications. Enrol online today.Criminology courses, All of our online Criminology & Forensics Courses can be enrolled onto at any time of the year without any restrictions and completed entirely from home. Choose from three different courses in this fascinating area of study: Our Criminology level 3 course will give you an exciting insight into how the criminal mind works, whilst our Criminal Psychology course is aimed at students looking at doing some detective work for themselves. You can even get involved with crime solving by taking our forensic science course.Students can complete at their own pace to a maximum of one year for completion. Choose the Criminology course to suit your personal requirements and you can enrol, register and make payment online. Alternatively, you can call our office where one of our support team will be more than happy to take your details. Once enrolled you will be posted your course materials within seven days.
  • Psychology Courses

    Psychology Courses (8)

    Online Psychology courses. A range of UK accredited courses covering a variety of areas of the psychology sector. Enrol online today! Psychology courses. Browse through our range of Psychology & Life Coaching courses.  All of our psychology online courses can be enrolled at any time of the year without any restrictions. Students can complete at their own pace to a maximum of one year. Choose the Life Coaching course to suit your individual requirements and you can enrol, register and make payment online. Alternatively, students can enrol via telephone by calling our support team on 0121 792 3872. There are a variety of courses to choose from in this rewarding field starting with our Psychology level 3 course which is the perfect starting point for anyone considering psychology as a career move. Take a look at the Psychology level 4 course which will offer a much more challenging and in-depth look at what it takes to become a psychologist. You may want to consider the exciting path of Child psychology and become specialised in this area. Whatever you decide we have a course to suit your requirements. All courses carry full accreditation through our awarding body ABC Awards.
  • Social Studies

    Social Studies (25)

    Social Studies Courses online. Over 30 courses to choose from. Fully accredited RQF qualifications.
  • Sports & Nutrition

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    Nutrition & Sports courses online. A range of fully accredited online course to select from. Enrol online now!Nutrition courses, A range of nutrition courses online is offered to students interested in entering the nutrition sector. Whatever your background a course in nutrition will be both interesting and informative. Whether this is your first look at studying a course in nutrition or whether you are looking for certification for existing knowledge. we are certain we can help.All of our nutrition & sports courses carry externally accredited qualifications providing successful students with certification from a recognised awarding body. All of our course materials are high quality, produced in full colour and backed by an experienced tutor should students need any advice as they progress through each lesson.Enrolments for our online nutrition courses are taken every day of the year. This will allow students to complete control and flexibility over when they start their chosen course. There are no boring lectures to attend, no classes to travel to and no examinations to complete. Even the busiest of students can fit into one of our nutrition courses online.
  • Trades & Skills

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    Wedding Planning, Interior Design, Event Management or Photography? Whatever your passion we have a course to suit. Enrol online today!
  • Web Design

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    Online Web Design and Development courses. CIW accredited. Fully recognised qualifications. Enrol online today!CIW Courses, Accredited Web design course and development courses with international recognition. The CIW qualifications in web design and web development are highly respected and valued by employers both in the UK and abroad.Students commencing a CIW web design course are assured of a top quality learning experience. Superb, up to date course materials backed up by professional support offered via experienced qualified tutors. A selection of CIW courses is available based on select areas of the web design and development process which allows students to focus on the particular area of interest to them personally.Whatever your current position, whether you have experience or not, UK Open College can assist you in achieving your goals whilst also earning a series of recognised web design and development qualifications along the way.