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    This combination package includes both A-Level Biology & Chemistry. In our experience, students looking to study “the sciences” will quite often opt for both Biology and Chemistry. This allows learners to take both at a discounted rate. Two Separate courses, two separate qualifications. 

    This course package is also available as a Fast Track A Level Biology & Chemistry option allowing learners to complete in under a year. 

    Course Syllabus

    A-Level Biology – 8 Units

    Topic 1: Biological molecules
    Topic 2: Cells
    Topic 3: Organisms exchange substances with their environment
    Topic 4: Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms
    Topic 5: Energy transfers in and between organisms
    Topic 6: Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments
    Topic 7: Genetic populations, evolution and ecosystems
    Topic 8: The control of gene expressions

    A-Level Chemistry – 3 Units

    Physical Chemistry
    Inorganic Chemistry
    Organic Chemistry

    View Official A-Level Biology AQA specification here

    View official A-Level Chemistry AQA specification here

    Entry Requirements

    There are no previous qualifications required to register for this course.

    Course Duration

    Both courses come with 24 months of support included:

    Guided Learning Hours (GLH) – 360 Hours per course
    Total Qualification Time (TQT) – 700 Hours per course

    Tutors & Support

    All learners have access to a qualified tutor via email for the stated support period. In addition to this, you are able to speak to our support team via telephone with any query you may have relating your course.

    Our tutors and support team have years of experience in delivering online and distance learning courses. If you require help, then we are only a phone call away.


    The AQA A-Level Biology exam is available in May/June each year. It is assessed over 3 exam papers:

    Paper 1 7402/1 – 2-hour exam
    Paper 2 7402/2 – 2-hour exam
    Paper 3 7402/3 – 2-hour exam

    The AQA A-Level Chemistry exam is available in May/June each year. It is assessed over 3 exam papers:

    Paper 1 7405/1 – 2-hour exam
    Paper 2 7405/2 – 2-hour exam
    Paper 3 7405/3 – 2-hour exam

    Optional practical assessment – It is possible for students to receive both qualifications without completing the practical assessment. Your certificate will state you have not completed this and can harm your chances of gaining a place at university or getting a job.

    Practical Assessment

    Your A-Level Biology grade will be based on your written examinations. However, in order to receive your A-Level, you must also undergo a separate endorsement of 12 practical skills. These are listed below:

    1. Use appropriate apparatus to record a range of quantitative measurements (to include mass, time, volume, temperature, length and pH)
    2. Use appropriate instrumentation to record quantitative measurements, such as colourimeter or polarimeter
    3. Use laboratory glassware apparatus for a variety of experimental techniques to include serial dilutions
    4. Use of a light microscope at high power and low power, including the use of graticule
    5. Produce scientific drawing from observation with annotations
    6. Use qualitative reagents to identify biological molecules
    7. Separate biological compounds using thin layer/paper chromatography or electrophoresis
    8. Safely and ethically use organisms to measure plant or animal responses/ physiological functions
    9. Use microbial aseptic techniques, including the use of agar plates and broth
    10. Safely use instruments for dissection of an animal organ or plant organ
    11. Use sampling techniques in fieldwork
    12. Use ICT such as computer modelling, or data logger to collect data, or use software to process data

    Your A-Level Chemistry grade will be based on your written examinations. However, in order to receive your A-Level, you must also undergo a separate endorsement of 6 practical skills. These are listed below:

    Make up a volumetric solution and carry out a simple acid-base titration
    Measurement of an enthalpy change
    Investigation of how the rate of a reaction changes with temperature
    Carry out simple test-tube reactions to identify: cations – Group 2, NH4+ anions – Group 7 (halide ions), OH–, CO3 2–, SO4 2–
    Distillation of a product from a reaction
    Tests for alcohol, aldehyde, alkene and carboxylic acid

    Examination Fees

    As a private candidate, it is the student’s responsibility to arrange their own examinations and practical assessment if required. This is not part of the service offered by UK Open College.

    This should be done prior to enrolment with us. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the necessary arrangements in place & confirmed.

    Fees for these services can vary hugely from centre to centre. It may be worth travelling out of the area. (It’s worth it)
    You can view a list of official AQA approved examination centres here 

    The later you leave it to arrange, the more expensive it can be. At times, it can be impossible to arrange so plan ahead. (8 months minimum recommended)

    Your contract with us is for the course and support only. We will not refund you outside of the 14 days cooling-off period if you have not confirmed these arrangements with your selected centre.

    Enquire & confirm with your chosen centre, do not leave it to chance!

    Optional Practical Assessment*

    Did you know that it is possible for students to receive their A Level qualification without completing the practical endorsement? Please check with your University if they require you to complete the practical assessments. If not, this will save you a lot of time and money. Science related subjects, for example Medicine, will require the practical assessments to be completed but many subjects do not. Practical assessment can be very costly, so it’s worth checking. 

    When arranging your examinations with your chosen exam centre, please check they offer this service if required. Not all of them do and it’s important they are taken at the same place as your written exams. Practical assessments tend to be arranged in the spring a few months prior to written exams. Please plan well in advance!

    You may wish to try www.tutorsandexams.uk who offer a service for both practical and written exams. They have several locations across the UK too. Please be prepared to travel. The rewards far out way the inconvenience of a train journey or trip up the motorway. 

    If you decide not to take the practical assessments, be aware that your certificate will state you have not completed so could harm your chances of gaining a place at university if this is an entry requirement for your selected degree. Double check before you enrol. 


    UCAS Points & Predicted Grades

    All of our A Levels will provide you with UCAS points upon successful completion of your examinations. The amount you receive will depend on the grade achieved as detailed below. Tutors can also provide predicted grades for university based on your completed assessments within the course.

    The majority of our A Levels will require a minimum of 3 completed assignments and correspondence to provide a predicted grade. We would advise you register for your course 3 months in advance of when you need a predicted grade for.  Eg: if you require a predicted grade for January, then you should enrol in Sept and aim to compete the 3 tutor marked assessments by December. 



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    14 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Once course access has been provided you have 14 days to ensure this course meets your needs and requirements. If you are not happy for any reason at all, simply email our accounts department with your request to cancel on [email protected]. We will offer a full refund. No questions asked !

    Please note: Any request to cancel outside the 14 days cancellation period will be declined. We will not refund you under any circumstances outside of the legal 14 day cooling off period. If you have opted to finance your course with Payl8r finance you are legally obliged to pay the balance of your fees once the 14 day period expires.

    Our full T’s & C’s can be viewed here.