Distance Learning Explained

Here at UK Open College, we take many calls asking how distance learning works, so we thought we would take a few mins to explain things a little more clearly for those of you that may have never chosen this method of learning before.

The basic principles are very straight forward as below

  • Select your course and enrol online
  • Receive/access your materials
  • Complete your lessons and submit your assignments
  • Receive tutor feedback and progress to the next lesson
  • Email your tutor in between with any questions
  • Complete exams if required and receive your qualification

Of course, there is a bit more to this than meets the eye and embarking on any form of the study program is never as simple as it may seem. Experience tells us that every student is different and each one will learn and absorb information in different ways. Some study in small chunks and others can do hours at a time, some take in the information straight away and others have to revisit a lesson again and again. How you study is totally up to you!

Long gone are the days when students had to send and receive course lessons via the post. with the advances in technology over the years students are now able to access their lessons online, through the post and via our student portal. This allows students to choose what’s right for them and complete using the method they prefer.

As with any college course, all students can access a tutor via email with any questions they may have relating to their course. This provides a very efficient way of correspondence that also allows students to refer to any response/feedback at any time.

Any student considering distance learning should take into account some major factors otherwise studying at home may not be the right method of learning for them. Any form of studying takes commitment and dedication. the majority of our students admit that they had been thinking about starting a course for over two years before actually deciding to enrol.

Distance learning provides true flexibility to those who may find it difficult to attend a local college or for those who indeed choose not to use a traditional college. You are able to study anywhere you wish, whether it’s at home, at work, on the train, on the bus or even on holiday. Students are able to complete courses in a matter of weeks with the right application and a little hard work. This is a major advantage of home study over college attendance where students are restricted to when and how often they can enrol and actually attend their chosen course.

A recognised qualification can be on your CV and attached to any job application in a very short space of time. Students can study at their own speed, whether that’s fast or slow is down to you. As long as you complete within your maximum advertised time scale then the fees displayed within the site are the fees you pay. We can extend courses for a small fee if students find that life got in the way whilst trying to complete.

Spend some time viewing our courses and read through the details & syllabus so you know exactly what you will be covering and in what time scale. Once you have done this you are able to enrol online or via telephone and we can arrange course access/delivery for you within a matter of days, sometimes even hours. We enrol 365 days a year. Even Christmas day!

There is no secret to home learning and its not rocket as they say, however, be prepared for hard work, manage your time correctly and the rewards will follow given a little time. Qualifications are a fantastic investment. Treat yourself to a future.

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Customer Reviews

Emily Hale 02/12/19

I really enjoyed learning with the UK Open College, if I need to do another course in the future I will definitely be returning. It made life so much easier for me as I could do it all on my computer, I didn’t have to worry about driving down to the local college or doing an adults course in the evening. Tutors were great and really helpful. Great value for money

Ian Woodward 23 May 2019

I decided to do something with my time upon being made redundant, I am not one for sitting around doing nothing. The course booklet was excellent, there was enough information in it to put you on the right path for each question. I was able to carry out the work at my own pace which was superb for me as I wasn't out of work for long. One major positive for me were the tutors, I had two in my year long course that were both brilliant. The only negative about the whole thing was writing each question to my fullest but then being told there were word counts for each section which led to me spending a long time cutting large chunks of text out. (this could have been me not realising.) All in all though I would recommend UK open college to people looking to broaden their horizons and who want to try something new.

Maria Cunningham 26 May 2019

From the very first phone call I was dealt with very professionally, customer service was very friendly. My study books arrived promptly and my contacts with the tutors were responded to within timescales. Once or twice I had difficulty understanding what was required but tutor took the time to explain it to me. Unfortunately my tutor changed towards the end of my course which, although the replacement was friendly too, was a bit of a hiccup in the journey. It would have been improved by having assignment feedback documents that we could download rather than having to type them up from scratch. Also if I knew in advance that evidence in the earlier tasks could be used in the later ones it would have made the work easier and faster - maybe some co-relation in the index folder? Overall I would recommend for value and quality - Thank you UK open college

Daniel Gaye 29 May 2019

Just finished my course, was easy to do, and easy to order, course was enjoyable all round excellent service

Abidemi 3 Jun 2019

I just finished my course. I started with a course and later change to another one with the help and support of my tutor. The college is very good in encouraging students to achieve their potential. I can recommend them always. I still wish to continue my home studies with them. I am really impressed with their support. Kudos to them all.

David 3 Jun 2019

Easy to talk to staff (phone). Emails responded to in a very good time. I can’t mention online support as I didn’t use it. The few questions I had were dealt with via my assessor or a quick phone call. Would happily study with ukopencollege again.

Sara Liles 19 Jun 2019

recently enrolled on level 2 understanding behaviour that challenges. very interesting and informative. completed and passed first assessment and working on second. so far support has been excellent i will definitely be looking at taking another course when this one is complete.

Caroline Blake 25 Jun 2019

I love studying with UK open college, I completed my Teaching Assistant course last year and have just received my course manual for Child Psychology. Really excited. The tutors are very helpful and so are the staff on the phone. Never had any issues with this college and would study with them again without hesitation!

Amirah Simpson 4 Jul 2019

It really saves me time and effort.

Nikki Read 7 Jul 2019

After working for over 10 years in H.R, I decided I wanted a change in career. I chose the Open College as not only did they offer me the perfect course (Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3) but more importantly the flexibility - being able to study around my 3 children. I passed the course in April and just got my first job in a school. I just wanted to say thank you to my tutor Sam who I knew was always there for support if I needed it. I didn't have any queries with my work but I had an issue with my email and Sam and Kerry were extremely helpful in sorting that issue out. If I were to study again, I would definitely use the Open College. Never too old to learn something new.