Distance Learning Courses – Why us?

Distance learning Courses are now seen as the ideal way of learning a new subject. Whether you are studying for a career, a promotion or purely a general interest, distance learning fits in nicely to even the busiest of routines.

The process of distance learning could not be simpler. Once you have found the distance learning course you would like to study simply process your details and pay online or by calling our office on 0121 792 3872. Once we receive your details, you will receive your course study pack via the post within seven days. If you have enrolled onto one of our e-learning courses it can take up to 5 days to receive your access code and password. This will be issued via email.

Students can then commence their studies to suit their own circumstances. Most courses contain a series of assignments which will be required to be submitted via email or post. This gives our tutors the opportunity to assess your progress step by step. All assignments will be graded and a report is issued containing any suggestions for improvement as and when required.


Attending college is no longer the preferred study option for many students. The flexibility that distance learning brings allows even the busiest of students to learn a new skill.

Students can study from home as much or as little as they want at a pace which suits them personally. Every student’s commitments and circumstances are different which makes home learning the ideal solution.

Students can enrol at any time of the year and not have to worry about enrolling ready to commence at the start of the academic year. There are no set term times or any deadlines to meet. You can enroll whenever you feel ready. There is no pressure at all.

Entry requirements 

Most of our distance learning courses require no previous skills or knowledge to enrol. You do not have to complete an entrance exam or have previous qualifications. This makes learning accessible to all.

Over 70% of our students have not studied since leaving school and by their own admission feel apprehensive and admit confidence is low. You really can study whatever your background or circumstances.

The average age of our students is 36. Our oldest student was 74. It is a myth that you have to be between 16-18 years of age to commence a study programme.


We believe we have one of the largest selections of distance learning courses available and are continually looking to add courses we feel will be of value to existing and potential students.

We currently have over 100 distance learning courses to choose from, the majority leading to fully recognised awards and qualifications.


Our home study courses are available to students all over the world, enrolment is available to all and it is not necessary to be a UK resident. Almost 20% of our students are studying from outside the UK. As long as you have Internet access or are willing to post in your course work for assessment then there really is no barrier. Most of the courses are in stock and dispatched within 72 hours of enrolment.

Learn while you earn 

A major advantage to home learning is the flexibility of being able to study around your work and family commitments. Many students who have expressed an interest in learning through their local college found the constraints and starting dates difficult to manage. Combined with the difficult task of taking time off work or arranging travel and childcare they are unable to attend their course. Home learning courses eliminate all of these problems. Carry on earning while you are learning.

Unlimited support 

It is important that our students have support and guidance throughout their studies. All of our home study courses come with unlimited email or postal support (excluding self-study courses). No matter how small the problem is we recognise that students like need to be able to ask questions as and when necessary. Students are never alone own when they choose the UK Open College as their learning provider.

Home Study Course Packs

Our home learning course packs come complete with all the materials required. All of our materials are fully accredited and approved by the appropriate governing bodies.

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Customer Reviews

Ismael Gomez 30 Jan 2020

Online chat with customer services Darren. I was enquiring about the Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools Level 3 Award (RQF) teaching assistant course. Darren's patience with me extended to well over thirty minutes as I made query after query and he went back and forth, always patiently and politely to seek solutions to my enquiry, which were found. I cannot praise Darren enough for his perseverance, politeness and service with UK Open College. Let this be a lesson to all those other customer service agents out there (be it training colleges or otherwise) to how service should be provided. Keep it up Darren. I look forward to starting this course!

Jenny Collett 29 Jan 2020

Have just completed my level 2 teaching assistant course and really enjoyed it. All the staff were very helpful and offered all the support I needed. Would definitely do another course with UK open college.

Sally Worsley 29 Jan 2020

I’ve just received my certificate Level 2 TA from UK Open College, I found them great to work with, very supportive, always available for questions, tutor outstanding etc highly recommend. I’ve now signed up for level 3 with them.

Chris Lay 12 Dec 2019

I had a great overall experience with UK Open College. However, it took a while for me to receive my certificates to the point that I had to chase them up. This was sorted eventually and now I have them. But overall, if you want to study from home, I would recommend this organisation! I am one step closer on my childcare journey.

Hannah Amys 3 Dec 2019

The online assistance was great, easy to access and quick responses. The website had useful information and good examples to look at when unsure. Overall simple to use, straightforward studying that ticks all the boxes.

Sarada Narala 28 Nov 2019

I have just finished completing the Level 3 Certification in Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools (RQF). During the course, my tutor changed (First I had Sam and then Kerry); however, that did not affect the level of support I received. Both the tutors I had were great at supporting me and gave valuable feedback to help me improve my skills. In particular, my second tutor, Kerry, had great attention to detail and gave me very detailed and constructive feedback which made me understand the subject in depth. All my assignments were turned around very promptly, and she was always very helpful in case of any clarifications. I would like to thank Kerry for her support, guidance, help and encouragement in completing the course. I am very grateful for all the knowledge I have obtained. Also, I would like to thank Mr.Bill for all the help and support provided whenever I called the Student Support Helpline. I would highly recommend UKOpenCollege to anyone.

Shamid 18 Oct 2019

I have just completed my Level 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning In Schools Qualification with the UK Open College. My online Tutor was extremely helpful and was very detailed when marking my assessments and gave back excellent feedback. I managed to complete my course within just under 5 months and I'm so delighted. the course material provided was very detailed and something that i can keep in the longterm. will definitely recommend UK Open college to everyone and will use them in the future.

Emily Hale 02/12/19

I really enjoyed learning with the UK Open College, if I need to do another course in the future I will definitely be returning. It made life so much easier for me as I could do it all on my computer, I didn’t have to worry about driving down to the local college or doing an adults course in the evening. Tutors were great and really helpful. Great value for money

Ian Woodward 23 May 2019

I decided to do something with my time upon being made redundant, I am not one for sitting around doing nothing. The course booklet was excellent, there was enough information in it to put you on the right path for each question. I was able to carry out the work at my own pace which was superb for me as I wasn't out of work for long. One major positive for me were the tutors, I had two in my year long course that were both brilliant. The only negative about the whole thing was writing each question to my fullest but then being told there were word counts for each section which led to me spending a long time cutting large chunks of text out. (this could have been me not realising.) All in all though I would recommend UK open college to people looking to broaden their horizons and who want to try something new.

Maria Cunningham 26 May 2019

From the very first phone call I was dealt with very professionally, customer service was very friendly. My study books arrived promptly and my contacts with the tutors were responded to within timescales. Once or twice I had difficulty understanding what was required but tutor took the time to explain it to me. Unfortunately my tutor changed towards the end of my course which, although the replacement was friendly too, was a bit of a hiccup in the journey. It would have been improved by having assignment feedback documents that we could download rather than having to type them up from scratch. Also if I knew in advance that evidence in the earlier tasks could be used in the later ones it would have made the work easier and faster - maybe some co-relation in the index folder? Overall I would recommend for value and quality - Thank you UK open college