Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Our aim at UK Open College is to provide a professional yet friendly service to our students. We promise to listen to any concerns students may have concerning the service we provide. We are continually looking to improve and welcome feedback openly. We understand that on occasion things can go wrong for a number of reasons.  If things do go wrong it is important that students know where to turn.

We have a policy where we aim to acknowledge any complaint within 48 hours of receipt. All complaints and concerns must be put in writing initially to where further instruction will be issued. Although we aim to find a solution to any complaint as soon as possible please allow 28 days.

To protect both parties we request all official complaints to be made in writing via email. 

We take complaints seriously and whatever your complaint we promise to:

Be courteous at all times
Be polite at all times
Deal with any complaint efficiently as per official complaints policy.
Maintain confidentiality
Acknowledge all forms of communication
Keep you updated of any developments

We ask all students lodging a complaint:

Treat our staff as they would wish to be treated themselves
Notify our staff as soon as possible of any concerns within a reasonable amount of time
Keep their case factual
Refrain from the use of bad language and threatening behaviour
Allow us time to respond as per our complaints policy
Understand that certain things are beyond our control
To provide us with an opportunity to put things right

Before submitting a written complaint we reserve the right to correct any concern/issue you may have. We will presume a member of our staff has been made aware of your concerns without finding a successful solution. We would also urge students to review the terms and conditions of their enrolment. Many issues raised are often covered in this document. View our terms and conditions here