Canine Science Course Level 3 – Endorsed


Canine Science Course Level 3 - Endorsed UK Open College

Canine Science online course. This level 3 course is written to meets the needs of dog owners and those wishing to work in a canine environment such as kennels. training schools & rescue homes. The course allows you to study the fascinating history and evolution of the canine, exploring the differences between dogs and their wolf ancestors.

You will also have the chance to learn about the psychology of canine learning and behaviour,  anatomy and physiology, the varied roles of dogs in society,  as well as how to provide the correct nutrition for dogs of a variety of breeds and ages.

This course will provide students with the following knowledge:

Canine behaviour
Anatomy & Physiology
Dogs in Society and much more

✅ Enrol online 356 days a year ✅ Interest free finance
✅ 1 years support included ✅ Endorsed qualification – Certificate of achievement