Time Management – Short CPD Course


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    Are you interested in improving your time management skills? Our Time Management CPD course is designed to help you do just that! In today’s fast-paced world, effective time management is crucial for success. Whether you’re struggling to keep up with daily tasks or feeling the pressure of tight deadlines, our course offers practical strategies to help you boost your productivity and efficiency. Learn how to prioritise tasks, streamline your workflow, and overcome common challenges that can hold you back.

    Our Time Management CPD course covers all the essential topics for mastering the art of time management. We discuss why time management is important for success and cover the Six Laws of Time Management to help you maximise your time. We also discuss common challenges like distractions and interruptions and provide practical strategies to help you stay focused and productive. The course also covers various time-saving methods to help you work more efficiently. We teach you how to delegate tasks effectively, prioritise your responsibilities, and provide guidance on making meetings more effective and efficient. Through discussions and practical exercises, you’ll understand time management principles that you can apply in your professional life.

    With 105 minutes of engaging content, our course easily fits into your schedule. Take charge of your time, enhance your productivity, and confidently reach your professional goals. Enroll in our Time Management CPD course today and take the first step toward success in your career and beyond.

    CPD Units: 3
    Approved by CPD
    Length: 105mins*

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    Duration: 105 minutes (Note: This is based on the amount of video content shown and is rounded off. It does not account in any way for loading time or thinking time on the questions).

    Time Management CPD Course Contents:

    Good time management can enhance the time spent in the workplace and improve the quality of the work produced. However, for most people, this is easier said than done. Many of us have experienced the feeling of having more work to do than we can possibly complete in the time we have. This can lead to increased stress, dissatisfaction, and demoralisation. This course can help by introducing you to some theories and techniques of time management that can make a difference.

    Modules covered include:

    • Key terms and benefits of time management
    • The Six Laws of Time Management
    • Time stealers and Interruptions
    • Time-saving methods
    • Monkey management
    • Meetings and summing up
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