Student Reviews

"I've only just applied for my course and have received all my study materials through the post today. Staff have been very clear and honest in responses when I asked questions leading up to my decision to enroll onto the course. And I only applied on Monday. There are a couple of things in the study pack I confused myself over, so could be a little simpler to explain, but overall a great experience so far."

L Mayberry

"I’ve just completed my course with UK Open College and I’m very happy. The course has enabled me be trained in a new career quickly (I completed my course within 7 months which the college allowed me to do) and meant that I could work full time and study when it suited me. The communication within the college could be improved though. On two occasions I have been told conflicting information from staff in the head office. That being said, everyone I spoke to was polite and wanted to help."

Kirsty Mears

"UK Open College have been amazing, it's so easy to enrol and it's a totally stress free course in your own time. There's plenty to choose from whatever you wish to study, and a tutor is on hand for any help you may need, very helpful and useful. Would totally recommend to anyone !"

Sarah Mayo

"Amazing friendly support. Easy to enrole and work through. Workload was manageable. I would highly recommend to anyone who would like to complete level 3 diploma in supporting teaching and learning in schools. Thankyou so much for helping me achieve my goal."

Danielle Connor

"Just started my course and the all experience until now just been amazing :) the enrollment was easy and the support given superb, couldn’t be more happy to chosen to do the Adult Care Diploma Level 3 with Open College. Thank you very much. Marina."

Marina Gouveia

"This is the second course I've taken with the UK Open College and despite going on to teaching, I hope it won't be my last. Student Support are great, always a friendly voice at the end of the phone and very efficient. My tutor was AMAZING, very supportive and good advice given when asked for. My assignments were turned around with constructive feedback very promptly and she was always very encouraging. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED company."

Sharon Butler

"I completed my Level 3 in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools with UK Open College. My tutor was fantastic ! I really enjoyed the course and the freedom to work at my own pace. I recommend the UK Open College."

Suzanne Sultan

"I have just finished completing a level 3 certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools. My tutor changed twice throughout the duration but that did not affect the great levell of support I received. I received detailed feedback and had any questions answered promptly. I definitely recommend UK Open College to anyone who wants to complete a qualification flexibly."

Abby Griffiths