Teaching Assistant Level 4 Award (Endorsed)

Higher Level 4 Teaching Assistant

This Higher Level 4 Teaching Assistant Course (HLTA) home study course is linked to the professional standards for HLTA status which set out for teachers, employers and parents the contribution to pupils’ learning that HLTAs can be expected to make. This distance learning course will help students prepare for an HLTA position. These set out the expectations for planning, monitoring, managing and evaluating learning within the framework of guidance and supervision agreed with the assigned teacher and in accordance with arrangements made by the headteacher of the school.

There is a mixture of question types requiring a range of responses, including descriptive answers or the completion of practical activities. If you are currently working with children, the activities may be used in support of your particular role. However, if you are not actively working with children at present, you will find that wherever possible the questions are structured to provide you with alternative means of answering them.

If you are working within a school setting then we also offer an HLTA LV4 Certificate (RQF) course containing additional practical units.  View details here

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