Marine Biology Course Level 3 – Endorsed

Marine Biology Course

This online Marine Biology course provides students with an insight into the life of a marine biologist, Learners are able to enrol 365 days a year and adapt their studies to suit.

This course will provide students with the following knowledge:

  • Understand tectonic plates and continental drift
  • Explore the origins of life and the concept of evolution
  • Understand the chemical, physical and biological properties of seawater that make it capable of supporting life
  • Investigate how marine life has adapted to be able to cope with the different marine environments
  • Understand primary production and how it differs in the marine environment from on land
  • Gain an understanding of food chains and food webs
  • Recognise the damaging impact of humans in the recent past
  • Identify ways in which we can protect our oceans for the future
✅ Enrol online 356 days a year✅ Interest-free finance
✅ 1-year of support included✅ Endorsed qualification – Certificate of achievement