CIW Web Development Professional (QCF)

The CIW Web Development Professional Course – A home study online course combines three individual qualifications at a reduced fee. This course contains the CIW Javascript Specialist course, the CIW Perl specialist course and the CIW Database Design Course Students will learn a front & back end programming language and the required skills to integrate them with a database.

Target audience: Web authors, marketing and communications professionals, PR professionals, Webmasters, graphic designers, desktop designers, technical writers, and library scientists.

Qualification:  CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster) Web Development Professional
Accredited: Yes
QCF Recognised: Yes at level 3
Awarding Body:  CIW
Start Date: Anytime – We enrol 365 days a year
Duration: Flexible – Approx 300 Hours – 12 Months Max Support
Credit Value: 30

View Javascript Specialist syllabus Here
View Perl Specialist syllabus here
View Database Design Specialist syllabus Here

View the official CIW Videos below

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Exam fees are not included in the course fees. Exam vouchers can be purchased as and when required at a cost of £95.00 plus VAT each. (3 Exams required)

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