CIW Web Design Professional Level 4 (QCF)

Web Design Professional Course


The CIW Web Design Professional Course home study online course combines two separate qualifications into one great study package. This course contains both the CIW E-commerce specialist course and the CIW Web Design specialist course. In this course, you will work with popular production tools such as Microsoft Expression Web, and Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash.

You will study design and development technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Extensible Markup Language (XML), JavaScript, Java applets, Dynamic HTML, plug-ins, multimedia and databases. You will also explore the extensibility of design tools, incompatibility issues surrounding these tools, and the functionality of current Web browsers.

Target audience: Web authors, marketing and communications professionals, PR professionals, Webmasters, graphic designers, desktop designers, technical writers, and library scientists.

✅ Fully Accredited✅ Enrol online 356 days a year
✅ Recognised qualification✅ 12 months access to the CIW Portal
✅ No experience required✅ Kick start your career in web design


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