Awareness of Bullying in Children & Young People Level 2 Certificate (RQF)


Bullying Awareness in Children & Young People Course
Bullying Awareness in Children & Young People Course online Level 2 Certificate. This knowledge-based nationally recognised qualification is suitable for learners looking to raise their awareness & understanding of bullying.  The courses include how to recognise when bullying is taking place, what actions to take and the legislation surrounding bullying children & young people.

Many of you will have been a victim of bullying or indeed be aware of a friend or family member that has suffered from bullying. Research shows that over 50% of children & young people aged 11-16 have been bullied solely on the way they look. Many of them are victims of bullying on a weekly.

Bullying comes in many forms – Physical, verbal and as technology becomes increasingly popular cyberbullying has become a real problem, Enrol online today and increase your awareness. 

✅ Fully Accredited✅ Enrol online 365 days a year
✅ Official RQF qualification✅ 12 months of support included
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