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Online business courses with the UK Open College. We have a huge variety of business studies which should appeal to anyone considering broadening their knowledge and achieving a recognised qualification. Our range of business studies includes finance, administration, management through to human resources. Each business course is available at a choice of study levels to suit each student and their requirements. These levels range from the business courses which award certificates to those which reward successful students with a diploma. The first thing is to start with a course which appears manageable and not overwhelming.

Every course can be started at a time convenient to the student. All learning is undertaken at home with coursework which is provided in an online format for some courses and in paper format for others. Whether undertaking a business administration course to remind and renew skills for a busy mum wanting to get back into the workplace or whether further education and formal qualifications in marketing are required, we are here to assist you.

Once the choice of business course has been made, the payment needs to be arranged and then your course will be delivered within seven days. One of the many advantages of undertaking a business course from the UK Open College means that whatever the course it can be started at any time during the year and the work and study required can be fitted around existing commitments. There is full support from our tutors and advisors who are available to assist with any question or query at all times through the course. The main thing is for the student, once the course has been started, to continue through to completion. For peace of mind, there is a full 14-day money back guarantee.

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Showing all 12 results