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Animal Care Courses online. We have 16 online Animal Care courses for you to choose from, all endorsed and approved by TQUK and ABC Awards. If you’re working long hours or juggling family commitments, why not take a look at our Animal Care Distance Learning courses? We have an exciting range of Animal Care courses ranging from Care and Rehabilitation, Dog Grooming or Training.

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Animal Care Course

Animal Care Course Level 2 Award – Endorsed

Home Study Animal Care Course Do you want to be a responsible pet owner? ...
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Animal Behaviour Course

Animal Behaviour Course Level 3 Award – Endorsed

This Level 3 Animal Behaviour course has been created for those students with an...
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domestic animal care Course

Domestic Animal Care Course Level 3 – Endorsed

This Level 3 home study Domestic Animal care course contains 6 detailed units ...
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Animal Welfare Course

Animal Welfare Course Level 4 Course – Endorsed

This Animal Welfare course covers the legal, ethical, commercial, agricultural...
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British wildlife Course

British Wildlife Care & Rehabilitation Course Level 3 – Endorsed

This British Wildlife Care & Rehabilitation course level 3 will assist ...
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Canine Health Course

Canine Health & Nutrition Course Level 3 – Endorsed

This level 3 Canine Health & Nutrition course provides students with the ...
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Canine Science Course

Canine Science Course Level 3 – Endorsed

This level 3 Canine Science course is written to meets the needs of dog owners ...
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Dog Grooming Course

Dog Grooming Course Level 3 – Endorsed

Students looking into working with dogs will love our dog grooming course. ...
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Dog Training Course

Dog Training Course Level 3 – Endorsed

This level 3 Dog Training course will provide students with the knowledge and ...
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Exotic animal care Courses

Exotic Animal Care Course Level 3 – Endorsed

This online Exotic Animal Care Course is primarily aimed at those students with ...
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Feline Studies Course

Feline Studies Course Level 3 – Endorsed

Are you a cat lover? if so, this level 3 Feline studies course will have ...
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Marine Biology Courses

Marine Biology Course Level 3 – Endorsed

This online Marine Biology course provides students with an insight into the ...
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