A Level Courses

Online A Level Courses. 21 subjects to select from. All updated to meet the new A level specification.

A Level Courses, UK Open College provide distance learning A levels, giving students the option of studying from home. A perfect way to study a completely new subject or to gain additional knowledge about a subject where there already is some awareness. The great benefit of selecting a distance learning A Levels will be studying in your own home and within a time frame which fits around your existing lifestyle. Taking your A Level courses with us will make it much more accessible than attending college in an accepted manner.

A level qualifications are recognised as the preferred option when applying to any university. If this is your aim then completing your A Level’s online will provide you with valued UCAS points towards any application you may be considering. With a little planning, organisation and discipline then you may well be able to gain that valued qualification sooner rather than later.

All A Level courses are able to be started at any time within the year rather than the traditional start of a course which is in September when opting to attend college. Each and every A Level course is designed to be worked at a pace which is convenient to the student thereby allowing for a subject to be completed much quicker, or slower, than normally expected to a maximum of two years adding real appeal to distance learning A levels.

Showing all 21 results

Showing all 21 results